Real life break.
5th Oct 2015, 12:01 AM
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Real life break.
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Author Notes:
Hello all.

So yeah... I need to go on an unplanned hiatus for a little bit. I honestly dont know exactly how long but I will be back.

Thank you all for your patience.

(edit)9-20-2021 So, its been going on 6 years. Geeze. Time moves fast when you aren't looking. Lots of things happened, and are still happening. I am coming back, later than I planned, and moving slower than I wanted, but it is happening.

Currently I am working two jobs so I definitely wont have a steady update schedule, but I do have another Draginbeard project in the works that ties into the current story, and will bring page updates. I will go over those details very soon.

In the meantime, I have to learn everything about webcomics all over again, so expect some clumsy shenanigans as I get going again.

More details and updates coming soon.

Oh yeah, Im going by a new nick name on other platforms, GM GrudgeMonster. If you want to reach out, or leave a comment here.

See you guys soon. GM
User comments:
I'm the one guy who truly understands where you are coming from.
Take your time, your readers are not going anywhere.
If you really need to post something, maybe you can find some old sketches or something for us to enjoy, but definitely do not stress out, and do not work too hard either. In fact, you may have to put your foot down and tell your job that you cannot accept all the extra shifts they are throwing at you because your health is #1.
In my experience, most big business and corporations don't give a crap about their employee's mental and physical well being, only profits, so don't let yourself get used.
So see you when you are ready to return my friend.
Also, you can become a career commentator like me!
It's really fun and easy to comment on other people's comics! lol
Much easier than making your own!
Thanks =)

And yeah, I can do more reading and commenting on comics I read.

As for work, I cant complain too much, and the overtime always comes in handy, especially will extra bills I have right now.

I am doing some script and rough sketches all this week, so Im still at it.
Well at least you had everything backed up. Hope things start looking up for you soon. We'll be here when you get back.
Oh yeah, I have back ups for my back ups even. Learned to do that when I first started working digital and my old computer would just shut down for no apparent reason. I once lost 3 hours of good work from that.

Funny how fast time goes when you are deep into your art. All I lost was the color work I had been doing, and I laid out some choice swears over that. I think losing entire pages would make me cry.
aww im sorry to hear that. :( HUGS wish I could do something to help . Ill be here whern you decid4e to start back up again and Like dizz said .. at least you have everything backed up HUGS!
Thanks Cennt,

Its all good, I just need to remind myself that Im in it for the joy of cartooning and stop stressing myself out so much.

Yeah, at one point I considered trying to make a little money from it, but now I think that only adds to the stress of it. I have an ok job where I can sneak in a little time to do some comic work, and thats more than a lot of others folks get.

I will be back at it soon enough.
we understand.
take your time. We'll wait :)
I'll be back soon, and with an actual buffer this time =P
Good wishes for you, and about this page, now I'm imagining Jolly returning the script slightly edited so when the dragons attack in the past, they're chihuahua sized and end up captured, tamed and used as novelty pets for the rest of their very long life.

If Jolly had his way, the comic would be about him on the beach managing a fantasy bikini team for his dwarven ale brewery!

Actually, thats not such a bad idea...naw.
Hope things get better soon ;)
Thanks, things seem to go in cycles. This will turn around soon enough. =)
Joel Sawyer
I feel ya, buddy. That was me earlier this year. Do what you need to and we'll be here when you get back!
Well the good news is that I have my desktop up and running again. Looks like there is more overtime coming at my job though...
Crystal (Guest)
Found and binge-read your comic tonight. Any chance your life has allowed you to make more Draginbeard?
Sorry about the late reply, Ive had a busy last few months.

First off, thanks for reading! Next, I am currently enrolled in school and working full time, so I simply do not have the time to work on the comic.

Once I finish school (end of the year) I will be doing some job hunting. After that I will set aside time to get back to Jolly and continuing his adventures.

I miss doing my little comic, and I will return to it as soon as I am able.
JJ (Guest)
any updates on Draginbeard?
I'm currently streaming art for the comic every Sunday night on Twitch